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Posted on: February 21, 2024

Helen Burch is more than a Business teacher. Nominated by Principal Lisa Bailes, she says that, ‘Ms. Burch is the epitome of an outstanding educator. Her classroom is engaging, inviting and she cares about all kids at a very high level. Social and emotional learning is embedded into every lesson, effortlessly. The amount she knows and how she imparts it is beyond expectation. She can differentiate even for the most challenged learner. She has every type of student in her current classes to include SBS, EC, ML, etc. She reaches them right where they are each day. She has brought a tremendous amount of positive energy and excitement for teaching and learning to our school. She deserves the accolade more than anyone I have nominated for anything over my 16 year tenure as a principal.’

Helen Burch is a difference maker, a game changer, and an influencer to her students. Ms. Burch, you are CTE and we salute you!