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Who can enroll in CTE/eligibility?

Any student wishing to enroll in CTE courses are able to contingent on the course options that fit into their schedule.

Is this an appropriate pathway if my student is going to a 2 or 4 year school?

Regardless of post-secondary education, pathways are designed for career advancement.

Where are the CTE courses?

The CTE courses and course sequence for each pathway can be found on the specific pathway’s page. Explore pathways here.

Can my child change their pathway?

We encourage students to explore pathways during their middle school experience and their 9th grade year. However, if the pathway is not the right fit for your child speak with the Pathway Development Coordinator or School Counselor.

Who is the school level contact for more info?

Please contact the school's Pathway Development Coordinator, Career Development Coordinator, or School Counselor.

What does CTE look like in Middle School?

Currently there are a variety of CTE elective courses offered at the middle school level. These courses range from introductory CTE courses to Project Lead the Way course.

What is a CTE concentrator?

A student is identified as a concentrator if they completed a minimum of two CTE courses within a chosen pathway and is enrolled in the additional CTE course in that pathway for the reporting school year. Example you have a current senior who has taken two of the courses for the Graphic and Digital Design pathway and is currently enrolled in the third course either first or second semester. They are still considered a concentrator because the course needed is on their schedule for them to complete prior to graduation. OR A concentrator may also be a student who has completed three CTE courses (or more) within a chosen pathway and is not enrolled in any CTE courses in the reporting school year. Example: the student is considered a Graphic and Digital Design Concentrator and complete all their courses by the 11th grade although concentrators are not determined until their senior year.

What is WorkKeys and why is it important to my student?

WorkKeys is an assessment that measures foundational skills required for success in the workplace. Seniors that are CTE Concentrators are administered this test, free of charge, at their high school in the second semester. Based on your child’s results, their level of achievement can be placed on their resume and shared with their employer. Please visit for more information.

How does my child get into a pathway?

Your child gets into a pathway by taking the Level 1 course and then expressing their interest during the time of registration.


What is the preparation path/training – what do I need to do before taking a pathway?

Middle school students – take a CTE/PLTW course as an elective at your school High school students – take Level 1 courses as a Freshman within different pathways; speak with your Pathway Development Coordinator, CTE teacher and/or School Counselor to determine which pathway would be right for you.

How will I know if a pathway suits me?

You will know that a pathway suits you if it is aligned with your future career goals and/or if you enjoy the pathway courses.

What’s next/how do I get started?

Explore our page! Pay close attention to the schools that offer the pathway that you are interested in to ensure they are in your feeder pattern.

What if the pathway I want is not at my school?

If the pathway that you desire is not at your school and falls at a magnet school within your zone, you can apply for the School Choice Lottery.

Can I take CTE if I am an IB student?

Yes! However, work with your School Counselor to understand the course load and to ensure your schedule is suited for your participation in a pathway.

What are the WBL/Internships available?

Work-Based Learning opportunities can be explored with your Career Development Coordinator at your high school. There are a variety of work-based learning and internships also through the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program.

What companies/industries require a certification?

Various companies/industries acknowledge the certifications that are aligned in select courses. Please visit a pathway’s page to view what is available.