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What is CTE?

CTE pathways cover a blend of early career discovery and skill development through hands-on courses. Discover your interests, unleash your talents, and soar into your future with a clear and bright direction. CMS offers 23 pathways in CTE to help equip students with the 21st century skills needed for a global economy. You are the future workforce and we are here to guide you along that journey!

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Mayor's Youth Employment Program

MYEP seeks to build partnerships with host employers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors of Charlotte’s economy who are able to provide one-of-a-kind career experiences for MYEP participants. Businesses provide career experiences that help youth develop career goals, stay in school, achieve academically, and enhance social skills that enable them to succeed in life. Students connect to the world of work which enables businesses and communities to know the needs and successes of the students and schools.