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Posted on: February 10, 2021

CMS CTE is excited to launch the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) pathway! CMS is the first (and only!) district in the country to offer this pathway to high school students.

Dr. Nakesha Dawson, CTE Pathway Lead, has partnered with Salesforce to create this new curriculum. Students learn about digital marketing and learn about what goes on behind the scenes. Salesforce is a software that focuses on customer relationship management, meaning they help companies automate campaigns to their customers. Salesforce works with marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams to customize messages to customers to make their experience better and more meaningful.

Mallard Creek High School’s CRM instructor, Barrett Davis, shares that the customer is the company’s most important individual. The job of a company is to keep those customers satisfied. What a CRM does is look back in the processes within a company of how to get that achieved – what makes an easier experience for our customers and our sales team to talk to the customer.

Students have the opportunity to work in Salesforce while in high school, giving them exposure to this software and the industry. Students graduate with a Salesforce Administrator certification, making themselves more marketable to employers.

Learn more about CRM here.