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Posted on: January 05, 2022

Mallard Creek DECA in Charlotte, NC was recently awarded the Thrive Level Campaign Award for the 2021-2022 school year. The results were announced on

Each year, DECA recognizes leading chapters that have built strong local programs focused on serving an exceptional number of members, advisors, alumni and business partners. These chapters and individuals dedicate their year to academic and career preparation, community service projects, membership recruitment, school outreach activities and other DECA-related endeavors. The chapter’s advisor and student leaders have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to DECA.

The Mallard Creek DECA chapter achieved Thrive Level recognition in the following chapter campaigns:

DECA’s membership campaign is designed to help chapters grow by making the DECA experience available to more student members, keeping alumni involved and engaging professional members such as administrators, teachers, parents and business partners.

DECA’s promotional campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share with their school and community what DECA is all about and how their chapter is making a positive impact on its members and community.

In DECA’s community service campaign, chapters held a community service activity, engaged at least 75% of its members, and created at least one form of publicity or promotion.

“In my 24 years of being a DECA Adviser, I’ve come to realize that the more students I get actively involved in the DECA competitions and program of work, the more meaningful my classroom instruction becomes. DECA participation brings the marketing curriculum alive, and the high-level engagement helps develop true 21st Century leaders that are effective communicators and problem-solvers that understand the importance of giving back to the community.” said by Mr. Atiba D. Bethea, Sr. Marketing Teacher

Of the 3,000 DECA chapters, only 450 chapters earned recognition in DECA’s chapter campaigns and only 775 chapters earned recognition in DECA’s membership campaign.

The DECA chapter advisor at Mallard Creek is Mr. Atiba D. Bethea, Sr.

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DECA is a career and technical student organization that prepares over 225,000 emerging leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested in careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business and promote competition. DECA student members leverage their DECA experience to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders.

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