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Exploring Environment & Natural Resources -  Students gain understanding of the relationship between natural resources and the production of food and fiber, including the role of alternative energy in the agricultural industry. An emphasis on environmental stewardship within the agricultural industry as it impacts plant and animal production. | Grade: 6
Exploring Animal and Plant Science -  Students gain an understanding of the fundamentals of the animal and plant science industry. Students understand the importance of animal/plant product uses, animal welfare and care practices, and basic plant physiology. | Grade: 6
Exploring Food and Agricultural Products -  Students become informed consumers of food and agricultural products by understanding the processes to provide safe agricultural products for consumption. Processes covered include converting agricultural products into food and fiber products and the marketing and labeling principles that help consumers. | Grade: 7
Exploring Agricultural Issues -  Students bridge their understanding of science and research within the agricultural industry and technology. Students learn current issues and challenges affecting the agricultural industry and economy helps mold students into advocates in their community. | Grade: 7
Fundamentals of the Ag Science Program -  Students learn the importance of stewardship which is emphasized through hands-on experiences. Students learn appropriate safety procedures for the various agricultural education learning environments. | Grade: 8
Agriculture and Our Social and Economic Well-Being -  Students learn the importance of agriculture to social and economic well-being. Students interpret how agriculture supports life and how advances in the industry have helped society. | Grade: 8

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Eastway Middle School John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori

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